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Content Is King ! ! !

This refrain has been sung a lot lately, especially since the infamous Google updates.  Many website owners got hit because they relied more on keyword stuffing than on solid content.

The web has been and will continue to be an information medium.  Yes, there’s a lot of money changing hands in ecommerce and that continues to grow – but the bottom line is that information on products, services and companies is the most important part of any website.  So how’s your site doing?

Are you treating visitors like an information gatherers or as “now” buyers?

I read a post by someone recently that likened most web sites to handing a prospective customer a copy of a brochure when they walked in the door and saying “are you ready to buy?”  If you did that what is the likelyhood you’re going to get a sale?  I would venture a guess the odds would be somewhere between slim and none.

Information is critical and that’s where your content and your blog come into play.  Google and other search engines are looking for:

  • Fresh new content
  • Relevant content related to searches
  • New content
  • New content

No, that isn’t a misprint.  New content is the critical component to a successful site.  One that maintains it’s rank or moves up in ranks is being refreshed on a consistent basis.  This is where your blog comes into play.  It’s a great medium for producing new, interesting, unique content where your prospects and customers can get to know you better. Since it needs to be done regularly it feeds the criteria for New Content.

So what to blog?

Unless your industry is winding down and nothing new is being developed you should have lots of stuff to blog about.  Here are some ideas on content that may be relevant to your prospects.

  • New Product Introductions
  • Unique products
  • People in your business making news
  • Special events happening in your company
  • Employee profiles
  • Holiday related events
  • Anniversaries
  • Announcements about new videos and links to them
  • Case Study briefs – not full case studies, put these elsewhere on your site

This should help you get some ideas flowing.

One of the major services that we offer is Content Development.  We develop content related to:

  • Web Pages
  • Blogs
  • Social Media Posts
  • Case Studies

We offer a free 30 minute consultation on your company and provide some ideas on what you can blog about.  To set up a consultation contact us at mbrooks@businessgrowthpartners.net or 636-386-5300.

To your successful blogging.

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