Newsletter Service Pricing – Office Furniture Dealers

Newsletter Service Pricing – Office Furniture Dealers

The number one key is getting your newsletter up and running. We’ve developed three options for you to review that run from generic to totally custom. The descriptions of each are below along with their pricing structures.

The standard features you get with all of these services are:

  • Custom Name for the publication
  • Color Selection and minor design changes to fit your marketing standards


Bronze – Dealer Newsletter Service

As the very basic service this gets you off and running the quickest. With this version 90% of the newsletter is assembled for you based on our published schedule. The 2 primary articles are written in a generic format to fit into any dealer marketing mix.

The lower section on the 4th page (below the address area) is designated for specific content related to your company. It is large enough to make announcements about events or products and could be used for introducing staff members.Bronze Newsletter Customization AreaThe content that you can publish to the web would be this 4th page section. Publishing other content will end up duplicating content, which is never a good thing.


Silver – Dealer Newsletter Service

The Silver Level gets you more customization. At this level you get 2 sections for your article(s). The 3rd page is included along with the lower section on the 4th page for company specific articles and announcements.

Silver Newsletter Customization AreaThis customized content can be published to your website without worry of duplicating content.


Gold – Dealer Newsletter Service

The Gold Level gets you a custom designed newsletter from start to finish. We begin with the design of the publication so it completely coordinates with your branding and marketing standards. From there we determine consistent features that you will have from month to month. And finally, all of the articles are written for your company.

With the Gold Level all of this content is suitable for publishing to your website.

Below we outline the pricing used for each of the services. Included is the option to publishing your newsletters monthly and quarterly.

Review the pricing and then drop us a line or give us a call to discuss your needs and how you want to get started with a whole new level of communicating with your customers.