Newsletters Office Furniture Dealers

Our founder is a 40+ veteran of the Office Furniture Industry.  Being actively involved in every part of the dealer side since 1981 he has gained a unique perspective on the industry, the role that dealers play and the challenges they face in maintaining a marketing program.  For the past 28 years as the owner of a small mid-western dealership the challenges become a little bigger when you don’t have the staff to dedicate to the on-going marketing.

This is where systems come into play.  Developing systems for:

  • Generating new marketing ideas
  • Implementing new ideas
  • Implementing continuing programs (like newsletters)
  • Updating web site pages with fresh content
  • Managing blog and social media content

It can all be overwhelming but at the end of the day, IT”s ALL NECESSARY.

Anyone that believes the internet thing is a fad and will blow over is living in a dream world.  With the push towards mobile and the search engine gods dictating what works and what doesn’t the playing field just got harder and it ain’t gonna get any easier.  So you must ADAPT or DIE.

We say Adapt but do it with help from a source that knows your industry as well as you do.  Sees all of the new products and ideas that are being generated –  we’re plugged into the trades, manufacturers, design concepts.  As such we are better able to look at your needs and come up with better ideas and concepts than an outsider.

As a continuing member of AWAI we are also at the forefront of the latest in writing, what trends are occurring in the business writing field and what the future will look like.  This provides you with a POWERFUL Adviser that can help you see what is coming and plan accordingly so you stay on top of the curve, not behind it (that’s where the other guys belong, not you.)

So let’s begin with a simple concept – COMMUNICATION

You don’t have enough of it happening.  No really, you don’t.

  • You have ads occurring, but are they generating any buzz of talk?
  • You have a sales force talking to new prospects and existing customers
  • Your project management people talk with their contacts daily

And yet with all of this, it’s still not enough.  When was the last time someone talked to the customer that installed last year at this time, you know what’s their name?  What process do you have in place to stay in touch with them on a regular and consistent basis?

You think your sales staff is doing this?  Systematically touching base with someone that hasn’t done anything in over 9 months and they don’t know when they will? If they are then they are doing way more than the average sales person.  When the average number of contacts to get an appointment is 8-12 and most sales people stop at 3 or 4 – do you really think they are going to keep calling on someone month after month when there is no sign of business to be had?


Yet past clients are one of the best sources for continued business.  It’s true, a study by:  indicates that businesses in general can do X% more if they stay in touch.  The challenge is doing it.

Don’t get me wrong, you did great work and the client was happy but your influence was done and gone several months after the job was finished.  They are on to other things.  Chances are excellent that the main contact person has moved away from the job or the company so there is someone else new there and you don’t even know who they are.  So when it comes time to redo an area, buy new chairs, move, update and any of the 100 of things you do, they will just as likely pick up the yellow pages (not really), go to GOOGLE and search for someone to help them.  And if you aren’t in the top, good luck getting found.

But we don’t even want them spending time on GOOGLE.  We want them to pick up the phone or email your company first!

How do we do that?  Consistent and Regular Contact With Contacts and Decision Makers.

That is what our Newsletters Office Furniture Dealers is designed to do.


Newsletters Office Furniture Dealers provides:

  • Professionally Designed Monthly Newsletter
  • Professionally Written content overseen by an industry veteran
  • Customized Newsletter Title and Contact Information
  • 1-1/2 Pages of Custom Content about your company/staff
  • Published Content Schedule for a rolling 6 months (subject to change)
  • Article details for posting to blog, e-Newsletter or website page


Intrigued?  You should be, because we both know that you aren’t touching people anywhere near that much right now.  And this could start as early as NEXT MONTH.  So what are you waiting for?

It’s time to figure out what your investment is going to be . . . you like that . . . it’s what you tell your client when you want to soft peddle a big ass number of what their new office is going to cost, so you make it sound more like something that will pay them back.  Only this is truly an investment in the future sales of your company!  So CLICK HERE to go to our Pricing Page to check out your options.