Newsletters For Business Service

96% Of CEO's say email newsletters are valuable in their work

This result came from an April 2013 and Domo survey.

It underscores the importance of this marketing tool for your company.  We believe in the power of newsletters in both printed and email format.  Staying in touch with your contacts whether prospects, current or past clients is an almost guaranteed way of having future sales and profits simply show up at your door.

How Our Service Works

We have designed our Newsletter for Business Service to allow you to connect, talk to and share information with your contacts (customers, past customers and prospects) so that you deepen the relationship that you have or want.  Through this connection you ultimately become a familiar person or company with your prospects.  With your current and past customers you increase your TOMA (Top Of Mind Awareness) so they think of you first when services or products are needed.

Step One

In our first step we need to get to know you better, your company, products, people, culture.  We do this through several phone / Skype interviews along with research into your website and industry.  We discuss your culture and goals for this program.  This allows us to develop measurements so we can judge goal achievement.  Having the service is a great step but we want to make sure you are getting a positive ROI on your investment.

Step Two

Here we set up the newsletter schedule for the next 6 months.  This will give us a picture of topics, events, people and other stuff we want to cover.  During this step we will also set up your email newsletter service(s) and the design of your mailed version of the newsletter.

Step Three

Newsletter Rolled Up Image

This is the big step where we develop the first issue of your newsletter and iron out any of the kinks in our communication.  The newsletter is sent to your in PDF form for approval so you can see what it will look like.  Generally there are 2-3 revisions that are allowed to make sure we get this right and you are happy with it.

Once the newsletter is developed we send it out –

Using both email and mail insures that your message will get to the people you want it to.  Email newsletters are great and very inexpensive, but they aren’t personal.  When someone gets an email newsletter they are generally at their office and will most likely be interrupted by other emails coming in or distractions that occur daily.

WE HIGHLY SUGGEST that you incorporate the mailing of your newsletter also.  A piece of mail is much more intimate, they hold it, they flip through it and they read it.  It may travel with them to home, train, bus – anywhere the person tends to catch up on their reading – and that is exactly what you want.

Bubble person slingshoting letters
Bubble Person Delivering Mail

Step Four

This will be a regular step each month where we discuss the impact of the newsletter.  You will be gathering feedback from your sales force and customers to see how the newsletter is being perceived and to make sure it is setting the tone that you are looking for.  Our Newsletter for Business services is designed to make your marketing better  without the feedback on perception, who’s reading it, how far is it reaching it will be difficult to determine the impact, AND ALL OF YOUR MARKETING SHOULD HAVE AN IMPACT!

After this we rinse and repeat.  Now, can you see how this would work in your business?  We can.

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We will gather some information about your company, target market and goals for your newsletter.  From there we will develop a proposal to send to you.