101 Business Newsletter Ideas

Here is the list of 101 Business Newsletter ideas.  You can also download a PDF of this list by CLICKING HERE

About Your Industry

  1. What changes are occurring in your industry this year. Come up with 5-10 ideas that may be of interest to your readership
  2. Are there changes to legal side of your industry that will impact your readers?
  3. What resources are available in your industry that your readers may find useful?
  4. Talk about changes to your industry over the past 10 years – are they better or worse – why?
  5. What industry events are coming up – talk about them.
  6. Do you have any marketing tips that have worked for your business that they can use – like starting a monthly newsletter (WHAT A GREAT IDEA!!).
  7. How is your industry like a current TV show – this could be a fun one (maybe compare it to Survivor or a “Reality Show”)
  8. Are there any ugly truths about your industry that could be interesting or entertaining?
  9. The top 5-8 people in your industry that you want to meet – this could also be several articles on each one of them and why they are important.
  10. A check list of things to consider when doing business in your industry
  11. What current conversations are going on in your industry on the social media channels (LinkedIn, Google, Pintrest, Youtube, Facebook)?
  12. Talk about the “thing” that would rock your industry if invented or put together
  13. Create a chart that breaks down a complicated industry issue or problem
  14. Interview someone well-known in your world and profile them
  15. Rewrite an older article with a new perspective
  16. Publish a presentation you gave or someone else gave (with permission)
  17. Are you on friendly terms with a competitor? Interview them and build an article around it (just don’t make it too salesy)
  18. Search Google News for relevant press releases and news about your industry. Write your own take.
  19. Debunk a long-standing myth
  20. Host a seminar or meetup and write about it
  21. Create a list of the 10 books that someone in your industry should read.
  22. Write about what you’d like to see fixed in your industry
  23. Conferences people in your industry should attend/speak at
  24. Your favorite untapped traffic sources in your industry
  25. Issues in your space that deserve more attention

Get Social

  1. How you’re using Twitter to interact, communicate, grow sales
  2. Write about a video (share the link) that you think people will find interesting – even develop a running critiques review – could be a monthly column.
  3. Post a picture or pictures
  4. Share the best social media campaigns you’ve seen, big and small
  5. Hold a contest and pit people against each other
  6. Create a poll. Share the result on your site or next newsletter.
  7. Invite a guest writer to contribute
  8. Write about how social media is impacting your business or industry
  9. Write about how social media did nothing but confuse you this year
  10. Search Delicious for popular posts on your topics and take a new stance
  11. Go to your industry’s Wikipedia page and see what people are talking about in the Discussions area. Comment on it in an article.
  12. Post photos from your company party/team building workshop
  13. Find a question on Yahoo Answers or OnStartups and develop your own answer
  14. Create a list of the Must Follow Twitter people in your industry

About your Business

Careful here . . . don’t get all salesy here this can drive your readers away.  Building a relationship is not done but pummeling them with sales information.

  1. Why you’re different (and better) than your competition
  2. What makes you so darn special?
  3. An article showing how to use your most popular product – tie it to a video or series of videos
  4. The problems your sales people hear about most
  5. The answer to the most common email you get – think “Dear Abby” – this could be a monthly column if you have enough stuff.
  6. Share the tools you use to do your job
  7. The secret ways to use your site/product
  8. The top 10 WordPress plugins you use on your site
  9. How you use your favorite social media site
  10. How you built your email list
  11. How you’re using Facebook, successes, failures, trials (get real with people – they will see through the fluff)
  12. Look at your site logs & answer customer questions
  13. How you delegate tasks (or what you mucked up by not delegating)
  14. Use Google’s Search results and answer popular questions
  15. Write about why you’re not using social media at all
  16. Answer questions left in your comment section
  17. Write about the personal branding tactics you use
  18. Give 5 reasons to sign up to your newsletter
  19. How you learned to do what you do
  20. Create a list of your favorite X
  21. What you’re doing to beat the summer slump or winter blues
  22. Share a case study
  23. Provide an end of the month link roundup
  24. Review something
  25. Reveal the best niche blogs to guest blog in for your industry
  26. What keeps you up at night
  27. Share a time when you got it wrong last year (this can get real personal – also shows you are human – like the rest of us)
  28. Branding tips that have worked for your business
  29. 50 reasons why someone should hire you
  30. 5 things people should be focusing on but aren’t
  31. What can other industries learn from yours

Highlight Your Customers

Everyone likes to read about themselves – these can be great introductions to more details on your website.

Put the spotlight on your most active commenters

  1. Praise your best customers
  2. Post a question and let the community to answer it
  3. How customers can woo your customer service department for free stuff
  4. Give something away to one of your readers.
  5. Feature a video detailing a customer’s success with your product or service
  6. Share your biggest screw up with a customer and how you made it right (once again showing you are human)
  7. Publish a customer testimonial
  8. Explain the benefits of being a customer
  9. Share local organizations you support and ask customers to share their favorites
  10. How customers can connect with you on social media and why they should
  11. Hold an event for Twitter followers to meet and then review it – use pictures

Get Personal

  1. What have you read lately that inspired/angered you?
  2. Introduce your staff – if your company is large do a profile every month so people can get to know you better.
  3. Introduce new staff each month – do a profile on them later
  4. Share the best decision you made as a SMB
  5. Your biggest challenge as a SMB owner
  6. What you love best about being a SMB owner. What you don’t like.
  7. The danger of doing everything by yourself – if you are a one person shop
  8. Write about the achievement you’re most proud of
  9. A time when you got it right last year
  10. Get your rant on
  11. How to remain productive working at home
  12. Share the local vendors you trust
  13. Describe your company culture
  14. Your new baby (whether that’s a real baby, a pet, a new project, the car you’ve been restoring for the past two years, etc)
  15. Share your company’s history or story
  16. Tell a story not about your company
  17. Share 10 things you’re thankful for
  18. What’s next for your company
  19. A list of your most trafficked posts

With this extensive list you should not be hurting for ideas to develop articles about.

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Your unpublished Newsletter will never do you any good.  Marketing tools are supposed to be put in front of the people and companies you are doing business with or want to – if it’s stuck in your mind it won’t help.

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