101 Newsletter Ideas

When assembling newsletters we suggest that you have one main article.  This would be for a 2-4 page newsletter.  We’re not writing a book or novel here.

Keep in mind that we’re working to engage our readers for as long as possible so the article(s) need to be short, to the point, entertaining, educational or informative.  You want people to look forward to the next issue.

Research papers are expected to be long, involved, potentially boring – YOUR NEWSLETTER IS NOT TO BE BORING.  The whole idea behind the newsletter is to engage your reader.

Who & Why You Are Writing

If your reader is a past client . . . you want to keep in front of them so that when they have a need for your product or services you are TOP OF MIND.

If your reader is a present client . . . you want to strengthen your relationship by helping them get to know you and your company or organization better.

If your reader is a prospect . . . you want to connect with them in different ways to build a relationship and show them how you can help to solve issues.

Reminder – Your Newsletter IS NOT A SALES PIECE.  If you are trying to sell in your Newsletter you will fail miserably.  Your reader may read it once, but good luck the next time.  Keep it light. Write as if you were chatting with a friend over a drink, at a BBQ, pool party – that’s going to get you the best response and build the strongest relationship possible.

We’ve include several different categories to consider.  They are:

Here’s the List (Click Here)