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How Often Do You Contact Your Past Customers?

How Often Do You Contact Your Prospects?

Most businesses leave this function to chance or it’s the sales person’s responsibility to take care of it.  So when you hear about a former client completing a project, making a purchase or hiring another service that you could have and did provide to them in the past . . . are you surprised?

Angry man on the phone

You shouldn’t be ! !   If you aren’t talking to these people someone else will.  That someone is developing a stronger relationship and the stronger the relationship the more likely the customer is to buy.

It’s not the client’s responsibility to keep you in mind when work that you can perform comes up.  IT”S YOUR JOB TO STAY “TOM” (TOP OF MIND)

Do You Have TOMA?

In the advertising business the concept is called Top Of Mind Awareness or TOMA.  TOMA is the result of being in front of your prospects, clients and past clients enough so that when a service or product that you offer is needed you are their first thought.  It doesn’t mean that you automatically get the business, but you are thought of and at least get contacted, better than not being contacted, right?

TOMA Visual

Don't Leave TOMA To Your Sales Force

In many most businesses the idea of being in front of the client is the sales staff’s job.

Most often this will mean that they will get on the phone and call their contact, hopefully on a regular basis (like once every 4-6 weeks) to check in with them.  Not a bad plan, but what happens with the contact gets tired of telling them there isn’t anything going on . . . they stop taking the call.  So does leaving a voice mail message count?  All depends on the contact, which is anyone’s guess.  If this is your only way to create TOMA you need a better plan.

Lilly Tomlin as the Operator
Cartoon - Tell me if this sounds like the phone hanging up

A Better Way To Create TOMA

Everyone of us has a preferred way that we like to be contacted.  Some want a phone call, others want an email, text can be popular and still others want to receive mail.

Our suggestion: Regardless Of The Contacts Preference  –  You Need To Mix Up Your Delivery

Keep the phone calls and emails going but add in your own monthly NEWSLETTER.

Newsletter Graphic

The Newsletter is one of the best and least used methods for staying in front of your prospects, clients and past clients.  A simple 4 page quick read mailer that is sent monthly can do the job your sales force or you don’t have the time, commitment or interest in doing.  Let’s face it, when things get going, we all get busy and that’s when marketing efforts start to fail, fall through the cracks and just disappear.  But it’s precisely the time that you need to work on them, unless you like the ups and downs of sales cycles.

Consistent Communication Is The Key To Your Marketing Plan


Without a consistent marketing plan in action you are subjected to the swings of the market and sales cycles.  With a consistent effort you can and will level out the cycles.  Instead of going from feast to famine you can go from feast to time to take a vacation.

Newsletter For Business Provide Consistent Communication

Having a newsletter for your business provides a perfect way to stay in touch with your prospects, clients and past clients.  It’s really a stealth method.  You provide something that is interesting, fun even entertaining to read and they thank you for it.  With your newsletter you can stay in touch with your contacts by sharing:

  • Industry news they might want to know (this is not a sales piece)
  • Current events around the community
  • Product introductions (again, not a sales piece)
  • Announcements of new people
  • Bio’s of people on your staff
  • Community events and efforts that you are participating in (building community relations)
  • Parties and events you are hosting
  • Holiday happenings
  • Fun or funny things that you have found
  • Interesting project profiles your company has just created

The ideas are endless but they fall under the same category of helping to stay in touch with contacts and allowing them to get to know you and your company better.

Get Started Today

At BGP we have been working on newsletters for our companies for years and now want to help you develop and maintain yours.

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