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Your marketing sucks.  Let’s get that out in the open. At times we all have marketing that sucks or just doesn’t work.  Although, if you don’t track the results of your efforts then you will never know if it is working.  As our slogan says “Results Are All That Matters”.  So how do you create good effective marketing? How do you track the results?  Step inside and let us show… you. the answers to these and many other questions.

So, what are some of the reasons that your marketing is ineffective, performing poorly, just plain sucks!  Here are some of the basic reasons:

So let’s first agree on something . . . your marketing and sales strategies are critical to the success of your company.  As has been quoted many times, “nothing happens until somebody sells something.”

Let’s also agree on a couple of facts, statistics, guesses (your choice).

  1. It takes anywhere between 7 and 27 contacts before someone buys from you.
  2. Most (98%) of sales people stop making contact after 2-3 attempts.
  3. In any given market, only 3% are “now” buyers, people ready to spend their money.

So unless you have a consistent marketing message or you have hired only kick-ass-never-say-die-never-give-up-pig-headed-disciplined salespeople, then you will struggle to reach your real potential. The cards are stacked against you.  Unless you have a product everyone wants.  And really, how often does that happen?

Business Growth Partners was started to consolidate the marketing efforts of the companies that we operate.  All are business to business and they are a mixture of hard goods and internet services.  Bottom line is that they only thrive through the consistent and continuous marketing efforts.

What doe this mean for you?  We do what we preach . . . Whether it’s direct mail, web sites, automated follow up systems.  We are working to figure out what works in our businesses just as we will help you figure out what works in yours.  We’ve made the mistakes, we taken the courses, studied the masters and tried a lot of stuff.  All this helps us help you.

So what you are going to find here is a compilation of stuff from other people, some original stuff and a whole lot of ideas that you can use to improve what you’re doing to make it better.

And if you come to the conclusion that we can help you, drop us a line, give us a call, send us a text.

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