Publishing Your Blog on Your Site Is Enough

Well not really.

Let me explain.  Let’s say you put your blog on your site, which of course you should or you have a word press blog and links back to your site – this is still good.

But the only people that are going to find you in this one particular place are your current subscribers and maybe some searchers.  So you are relying on people finding you in this one location.  It’s kind of like building your business on a street in town and relying solely on people that drive by to discover that you exist, maybe come in and hopefully buy something or engage in your services.  This is certainly a strategy, probably – no – definitely not a good strategy.

A better strategy is to put up a billboard on the edge of town, buy some radio and tv ads, advertise in your local paper, send out some fliers and put the word out to all your friends, neighbors and people that you meet everyday.

So in the same context of this example but applied to the web we need to a lot of the same things.  We need to:

These are a few of the things that we need to do in the age of the internet.

Sounds Overwhelming Right?  Especially since this is something that needs to be done every single time that you post something new – WHICH SHOULD BE AT LEAST WEEKLY!

We feel your pain.  It’s a lot of work and with all marketing its something you need to do on a consistent and constant basis.  In the world of internet as soon as you stop you start to fall and others who keep up the effort rise above you – which is not a good thing (just so you know).

At BGP we understand the frustration that goes with the internet and most business owners and managers have too much to do with running their business.  Our services include the development and publishing of content along with the distribution so that we make sure you are getting the biggest bang on your marketing effort.

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