Content Writing

Too often owners and managers don’t understand the actual business that they are in . . . Marketing and Sales.

You may provide a product or surface, be an accountant, doctor, engineer these are all in the product category.  First and foremost you are in Marketing and Sales.

Marketing is the process of uncovering prospects, educating them as to why you are the company they should work with and also staying in touch with them after the Sale has been made.  While you may make multiple sales to a single client if you are not continuously marketing to them, touching them with information you are likely to lose them to a competitor.

Content Writing encompasses many different areas of your business.  A few of them include:


All of these assets can be used multiple times in the process of growing your business.  They become assets – tools that can be reused.

Content Writing when done well creates marketing pieces which can turn even the poorest sales person into a superstar.  In some cases it can also replace the salesperson – think about that.  Good consistent marketing is like having an little army of well trained superstar sales people armed with just the right presentation who are not afraid of the word no and have a “never say die” attitude.  They don’t get sick or take vacations.  Doesn’t that sound good?

Content Writing is the process of “copy writing” for your business marketing.

In the process of developing assets for your business we  take the core values of the business and match them up with the emotions of your prospects.  This works to inform, educate and take them along the road until they buy or leave you.