Content Marketing

Why you need to be engaged in it . . .

At the very basic, Content Marketing furthers business goals. 

It is not an activity to be done outside of everything else, but in support of everything.

There are 3 Key players in the content marketing world:

  1. The Content Marketer (in our story now, that is BGP.)
  2. The Client (that would be you.)
  3. The Customer or Client (the company you want to work with.)

Let’s explore each  of these to understand their role and needs and why this matters to you.

The Content Marketer

I know it’s curious as to why this player would be ranked first. 

They are placed here because this player has a critical position between you and your ideal customer/client.

While they may not be perceived as the most important their role is very important.

The Content Marketer has simple desires:

  • To engage clients (like yourself)
  • To generate results for the client (which leads to sales, profits, more stuff being sold

Their job is relatively simple, to make connections for the client.

These connections are made using the content that is developed and placing it 

  • on web pages
  • in blogs
  • on social media
  • via video messaging
  • any other places that are appropriate

The reason it matters to you is the best Content Marketers are more than just writers filling an assignment. They are truly engaged in wanting to help you succeed with your goals and move your company forward.

Developing a deep understanding of what you working to achieve, creating a plan and a strategy and then assisting in implementation of that strategy are keys to a strong working relationship.

This type of Content Marketer is someone in your corner and not just another vendor that performs some tasks for you.

The Client (You)


You have goals, dreams and visions. You got started in this business because you believed you could build something worthwhile, meaningful and would help the clients you want to work with.

As a business owner / manager you have specific wants, needs and goals. Some of these are:

  • Increased awareness and engagement.
  • More leads
  • More new clients / customers
  • To sell more to the clients / customer that you already have
  • Gain more positive reviews
  • Gain more referrals

All of these wants and needs are supporting some of the business goals that you’ve established.

Developing and implementing a strong Content Marketing plan and strategy can lead to the achievement and accomplishment of these goals.

In working with your Content Marketer, whether this is an in-house person or a contractor (like BGP) it is critical that they understand the why of the goal and not just how to develop the work.

Your Client / Customer

The 3rd Player in the Content Marketing mix is your client, customer or prospect.

Their wants and needs are pretty basic:

  • They want solutions to their problems
  • And they want them NOW!

Through your Content Marketing efforts you will show these players why your are their obvious choice in solving their problems.

But, not being clairvoyant, knowing exactly where you should be placing your messages to these people it is important to use a variety of locations and styles of messages to be certain you get maximum engagement.

Why It Matters . . .

Content Marketing can take you a long way towards reaching your goals. 

Understanding who you want to engage is step number one.

Step number two is determine the kind/type of message that will resonate with the person.

Step number three is to determine where the message will likely be accepted the best. 

Step number four is reviewing the past effort, developing and implementing changes.

Step number five will be comparing the results and making further changes.

This should be the never ending cycle. If implemented then you should see the results begin to occur. Modifications are necessary as part of the long-term implementation.