Newsletter – The Best Marketing Tool You Aren’t Using

Interior Dimension May 2015 Newsletter Cover

Your Company Needs A Monthly Newsletter Sales and Marketing go hand in hand. Marketing educates, informs and gets the prospects to the door. Sales figures out what is needed and closes the sale. Depending on the study that is done it takes anywhere from 8 to 27 contact points before a new prospect either will […]


Publishing Your Blog on Your Site Is Enough Well not really. Let me explain.  Let’s say you put your blog on your site, which of course you should or you have a word press blog and links back to your site – this is still good. But the only people that are going to find […]

What To Blog?

Content Is King ! ! ! This refrain has been sung a lot lately, especially since the infamous Google updates.  Many website owners got hit because they relied more on keyword stuffing than on solid content. The web has been and will continue to be an information medium.  Yes, there’s a lot of money changing […]

Oldie but Goodie – Dan Kennedy

An oldie but still a goodie. Here is a reprint of an article from the Master – Dan Kennedy back in 2007 In the discussion of a frequent contact program to communicate with customers in order to gain a larger share of their business. When doing so, here are some simple ideas to carefully consider: […]

Business Buyers Are Looking For Personal Benefits

In today’s post we repost a message from Bob Bly.  Bob is one of the most respected copywriters in the industry.  He is also one of the key people behind AWAI (American Writers and Artists, Inc.).  AWAI is the premier organization for copy writing education.  It is where we turn for information and people to […]

Give him hope … not humor.

Our blog today is a reprint from a recent newsletter we receive from the great folks at AWAI – American Writers and Artists Inc.  This is the premier training organization for copy writing and graphic artists that want to create products that actually move people to purchase products. This one in particular is from Will […]

Marketing Does Not Work

This is a typical refrain that we often hear.  The conversation goes something like this: Prospect – Marketing doesn’t work! BGP – Ok, what have you tried in the past? Prospect – We sent out a postcard and didn’t get a single sale! BGP – How many times did you mail the post card to […]

Welcome to Our Website

Welcome – Here we go… Your marketing sucks.  Let’s get that out in the open. At times we all have marketing that sucks or just doesn’t work.  Although, if you don’t track the results of your efforts then you will never know if it is working.  As our slogan says “Results Are All That Matters”.  […]