Should you bother to market your company?
The real question is do you want to control the conversation about your company or do you want to leave that up to others. There will be a conversation whether you take part in it or not.

If you are not controlling it then others will and they most likely, strike that, they won’t care about what your visions or goals are. They will care about their business vision and goals. So, yes you should bother to market your company.

But you have a sales force to carry this on. Again, your sales force cannot possibly express what you really feel about where you are going. Try as hard as you will your sales people do have their own agenda, make new contacts and close new sales. You put a lot of emphasis on new clients right, it a big part of your growth. So the sales people concentrate on new clients. They hunt they kill and they move on. If the prospect isn’t in a buying mood now they move on. Their income depends on it.

Just because someone doesn’t buy now does not mean they are not going to in the near future. This is where marketing comes in. Marketing is the process to educate and inform prospects about what you do, how you do it and why they should be working with you when they need the services. And, if you don’t go through the marketing process a competitor will. When the prospect is ready who will they most likey buy from? The company that is talking to them and working to develop a relationship, they will be in a superior position to everyone else. So yes, you need to bother marketing your company.

What about your past customers? Who’s carrying on the conversation with them? It’s not your sales force remember they are out looking for “new” prospects. Your project management teams are busy with, well projects, right? So again, these very valuable prospects (cause they aren’t buying right now) are being ignored. Even thought they were satisfied with the work performed we humans still crave attention. We want to be catered to and cared for. We want to be paid attention to, even if we don’t need anything right at this time. So yes, once again, you need to bother marketing your company.

All of these contacts and companies can have an impact on helping to find and keep new business. And if they all know your message then everyone can be singing the same song and that will push your vision and goals into reality that much faster.

So, yes, if you value your company its future, its growth then you need to market your company.

Next post we will discuss some of the easy ways to market your company for continued growth.