About BGP

Business Growth Partners was developed out of our need to have a quality focused content creation service.

After spending years in the commercial interiors industry it became evident that our knowledge base was large and could be useful for this industry and others.

BGP prides itself on the system that we use to develop content marketing programs to assist in the growth of our clients. Figuring out what to say, how to say it and where to say it is critical to a successful effort. At no other time in the short internet history has quality content been more important. Search engines have for years said that quality content is the most important aspect of any effort and the changes to search protocols have bore this out.

Content Marketing is more than just the writing of words. Yes we do that but more importantly is figuring out what should be said, how to speak to your prospect or client.

Much of the writing is done in house but we also tap into a large network of independent writers when the need arises to make certain we are getting the best work published.