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It’s not good enough to post your blog in one place.

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What To Blog?  This is a pretty important question especially with the need for Fresh New Content that Google and others are looking for in websites these days.

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Pre Built Websites, You’ve probably gotten this call or email where a company has built a site for you without every talking to you – yup – they do this.  We explore the concept a little.

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Repost of Dan Kennedy.  Dan is the “Professor of Harsh Reality” having been in numerous business and a go to person now for helping owners become super successful.  He does not pull any punches which is one reason we like him (he’s a hero to us)

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When it comes to your marketing messages – prospects are looking for personal benefits.  Everyone’s favorite radio station is WIIFM (What’s In It For Me) this is really good advice to follow.

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Humor is not a bad thing but too often people attempt to be cute for cute’s sake and this pretty much never works.

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Marketing Doesn’t Work – The way most people attempt to market hardly ever works.  One shot wonders rarely provide the return business owners want and ads don’t do much better.  We explore some of the issues here.

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