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Welcome to BGP

How Can We Help You Be Successful Today?

As our name says, we want to be your “partner” in helping you succeed. No, not legally, but in spirit.

As a small business we understand the challenges that business owners face especially when confronted with so many things to do and not nearly enough time to do it. Cloning yourself would be helpful right?

But since that is not currently possible (or maybe ethical) the next best thing would be to work with someone that is aligned with your goals, vision and how to get there. That is where we can help in one part of your business . . . Content Marketing.

With the ever changing nature of internet marketing, social media and all of the parts and pieces it can be beneficial to off load some or all of this. That’s where we come in.

40+ years of business experience has taught us a thing or two and we look forward to bringing that experience to the table on your behalf to help you move closer to your goals.

While the main experience has been in the office interiors, furniture, design, move management and project management industry we are capable of working in most industries.

Want to know more? Let’s start HERE.

Professional Affiliations

Professional Writers Alliance - Logo

Professional Writers Alliance

PWA is an organization dedicated to writers and designed to provide training, guidance and support. All with the goal of helping each member reach their potential.

American Writers and Artists Institute Logo

American Writers & Artists Institute

AWAI is the premier institute for training and education of writers in all aspects of their careers.

SEO Content Institute Logo

SEO Content Institute

SCI is a premier organization for training and education of SEO Content Development. 

Providing up to date information on the continually changing world of SEO.

SEO Intelligence Agency Logo

SEO Intelligence Agency

SIA is a unique organization comprised of specialist in SEO.

Their goal is to continually perform real world tests on SEO functions to determine what works and what is myth. 

Reports on findings are issued to members regularly so they may update their strategies.

Circle of Success Logo

Circle of Success

Circle of Success is an organization dedicated to training its members so they can reach the success level they desire.