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WELCOME – Ready For Some Hard Truth?

Your marketing sucks, needs work, is weak . . .

We don’t mean to be rude about this, but let’s face it, all marketing goes through times of weakness or just plain suckiness (is that a word).

We are not in the business of sugar coat things, we are in the business of helping you say it better so your marketing works better.

As professional writers we have and continue to work on our skills so that what we write moves people to action.  Whether that action involves going to a web page, sending for a email request or picking up the phone, that action is the key element.  We need people to take action.  And, most of the time what is written either in print or one your website does not get anyone to take action.  So, it needs to be changed and that is where we can help.

We aren’t web designers we are writers.  Our craft is putting words on paper or web pages that help to move people to action.